Nursing Technology
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
HSC1149 Pharmacology
HUN1201 Human Nutrition
MTB1370 Math Topics For Health Related Professions
NUR1020 Nursing Process I
NUR1020L Nursing Process I Clinical Lab
NUR1210 Nursing Process Ii
NUR1210L Nursing Process Ii Clinical Lab
NUR1220 Health Alterations I
NUR1220L Health Alterations I Clinical Lab
NUR1304L Transition Pediatric Nursing Clinic Lab
NUR1310 Pediatric Nursing
NUR1310L Pediatric Nursing Lab
NUR1400L Tr Hlthcare Of Women Clinical Lab
NUR1421 Health Care Of Women
NUR1421L Health Care Of Women Clinical Laboratory
NUR1500L Transition Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Lab
NUR1520 Nursing Care Of The Psychiatric Patient
NUR1520L Nursing Care Of The Psychiatric Patient Cl Lab
NUR2000 Transition Nursing I
NUR2000L Transition Nursing I Clinical Lab
NUR2221 Health Alterations Ii
NUR2221L Health Alterations Ii Clinical Lab
NUR2222 Health Alterations Iii
NUR2222L Health Alterations Iii Clinical Lab
NUR2801 Transition Nursing Iv
NUR2801L Transition Nursing Iv Clinical Lab
NUR2811 Trends Practices And Roles
NUR2811L Trends Practices And Roles Clinical Lab
NUR3069 Advanced Health Assessment
NUR3069L Advanced Health Assessment_Lab
NUR3119 Nursing Concepts And Theories
NUR3167 Nurse As A Scholar
NUR3678 Nursing Care Of Vulnerable Populations
NUR3805 Nursing Roles Dimensions And Perspectives
NUR4128 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology
NUR4165 Nursing Research
NUR4195 End Of Life Palliative Care
NUR4284 Dynamics And Contemporary Issues In Aging
NUR4636 Community Health Nursing
NUR4636L Community Health Nursing Practicum
NUR4667 Nursing Perspectives And Global Trends
NUR4826 Ethical And Legal Aspects Of Nursing
NUR4827 Principles Of Nursing Leadership And Management
NUR4870 Nursing Informatics
NUR4945 Nursing Capstone
NUR4945L Nursing Capstone Practicum


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