Music Applied
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
MVB1011 Pre-Principal Trumpet
MVB1012 Pre-Principal French Horn
MVB1013 Pre-Principal Trombone
MVB1014 Pre-Principal Baritone Horn
MVB1015 Pre-Principal Tuba
MVB1211 Trumpet
MVB1212 French Horn
MVB1213 Trombone
MVB1214 Baritone Horn
MVB1215 Tuba
MVB1311 Principal Trumpet I
MVB1312 Principal French Horn I
MVB1313 Principal Trombone I
MVB1314 Principal Baritone Horn I
MVB1315 Principal Tuba I
MVB2221 Trumpet
MVB2222 French Horn
MVB2223 Trombone
MVB2224 Baritone Horn
MVB2225 Tuba
MVB2321 Principal Trumpet Ii
MVB2322 Principal French Horn Ii
MVB2323 Principal Trombone Ii
MVB2324 Principal Baritone Horn Ii
MVB2325 Principal Tuba Ii
MVJ1010 Pre-Principal Jazz Piano
MVJ1011 Pre-Principal Jazz Voice
MVJ1013 Pre-Principal Jazz Guitar
MVJ1014 Pre-Principal Electric Bass
MVJ1019 Pre-Principal Jazz Percussion
MVJ1210 Jazz Piano / Secondary
MVJ1211 Jazz Voice Secondary
MVJ1213 Jazz Guitar / Secondary
MVJ1214 Electric Bass / Secondary
MVJ1219 Jazz Percussion
MVJ1310 Principal Jazz Piano I
MVJ1311 Principal Jazz Voice I
MVJ1313 Principal Jazz Guitar I
MVJ1314 Principal Electric Bass I
MVJ1319 Principal Jazz Percussion I
MVJ2220 Jazz Piano
MVJ2223 Jazz Guitar
MVJ2224 Electric Bass
MVJ2229 Jazz Percussion
MVJ2320 Principal Jazz Piano Ii
MVJ2323 Principal Jazz Guitar Ii
MVJ2324 Principal Electric Bass Ii
MVJ2329 Principal Jazz Percussion Ii
MVK1011 Pre-Principal Piano
MVK1013 Pre-Principal Organ
MVK1211 Piano
MVK1213 Organ
MVK1311 Principal Piano I
MVK1313 Principal Organ I
MVK2221 Piano
MVK2223 Organ
MVK2321 Principal Piano Ii
MVK2323 Principal Organ Ii
MVO1070 Applied Music Jazz Coaching
MVP1011 Pre-Principal Percussion
MVP1211 Percussion
MVP1311 Principal Percussion I
MVP2221 Percussion
MVP2321 Principal Percussion Ii
MVS1011 Pre-Principal Violin
MVS1012 Pre-Principal Viola
MVS1013 Pre-Principal Cello
MVS1014 Pre-Principal String Bass
MVS1015 Pre-Principal Harp
MVS1016 Pre-Principal Classical Guitar
MVS1211 Violin
MVS1212 Viola
MVS1213 Cello
MVS1214 String Bass
MVS1215 Harp
MVS1216 Classical Guitar
MVS1311 Principal Violin I
MVS1312 Principal Viola I
MVS1313 Principal Cello I
MVS1314 Principal String Bass I
MVS1315 Harp
MVS1316 Principal Classical Guitar I
MVS2221 Violin
MVS2222 Viola
MVS2223 Cello
MVS2224 String Bass
MVS2225 Harp Secondary
MVS2226 Classical Guitar
MVS2321 Principal Violin Ii
MVS2322 Principal Viola Ii
MVS2323 Principal Cello Ii
MVS2324 Principal String Bass Ii
MVS2325 Principal Sophomore Harp
MVS2326 Principal Classical Guitar Ii
MVV1011 Pre-Principal Voice
MVV1211 Voice
MVV1311 Principal Voice I
MVV2221 Voice
MVV2321 Principal Voice Ii
MVW1011 Pre-Principal Flute
MVW1012 Pre-Principal Oboe
MVW1013 Pre-Principal Clarinet
MVW1014 Pre-Principal Bassoon
MVW1015 Pre-Principal Saxophone
MVW1211 Flute
MVW1212 Oboe
MVW1213 Clarinet
MVW1214 Bassoon
MVW1215 Saxophone
MVW1311 Principal Flute I
MVW1312 Principal Oboe I
MVW1313 Principal Clarinet I
MVW1314 Principal Bassoon I
MVW1315 Principal Saxophone_I
MVW2221 Flute
MVW2222 Oboe
MVW2223 Clarinet
MVW2224 Bassoon
MVW2225 Saxophone
MVW2321 Principal Flute Ii
MVW2322 Principal Oboe Ii
MVW2323 Principal Clarinet Ii
MVW2324 Principal Bassoon Ii
MVW2325 Principal Saxophone Ii


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