Course List:
Course ID Class Title
MUE1440 String Class
MUE1450 Woodwind Class
MUH2019 Development Of American Popular Music
MUH2111 Music History And Literature I: Medieval-Classical
MUH2112 Music History And Literature Ii Romantic To Modern
MUL2010 Music Appreciation
MUM1600C Introduction To Recording Studio Procedures
MUM2601C Advanced Recording Engineering
MUM2602C Mixing Mastering And Delivery
MUM2620C Acoustics And Audio Electronics
MUM2640C Post Production Sound
MUM2700 Introduction To Music Business
MUM2730 Music Marketing And Promotion
MUN1120 Band
MUN1180 Concert Band
MUN1210C Symphony Orchestra
MUN1280C Orchestra
MUN1310 College Singers
MUN1340C Vocal Ensemble
MUN1341C Seahawk Singers
MUN1380C Broward Choral Society
MUN1430C Brass Ensemble
MUN1440C Percussion Ensemble
MUN1460C Chamber Ensemble
MUN1480C Classical Guitar Ensemble
MUN1481C Jazz Guitar Ensemble
MUN1710C Jazz Ensemble
MUN1711 Jazz Combo
MUN1712 Combo Lab
MUN1780C Jazz/Pop Ensemble
MUS1360 Introduction To Music Technology
MUS2332C Live Sound Reinforcement
MUS2342C Digital Audio Music Production
MUS2344C Introduction To Midi Systems And Sound Design
MUS2348C Digital Audio Music Production 2
MUS2349C Advanced Projects In Music Production
MUS2361C Advanced Midi Systems And Sound Design
MUS2905 Independent Study: Music
MUS2930 Music: Special Topics
MUS2940 Music Technology Co-Op Work Experience
MUT1001 Fundamentals Of Music
MUT1111 Music Theory I
MUT1112 Music Theory Ii
MUT1241 Ear Training And Sight Singing I
MUT1242 Ear Training And Sight Singing Ii
MUT1271C Musicianship For Music Tech. I
MUT1272C Musicianship For Music Tech. Ii
MUT2116 Music Theory Iii
MUT2117 Music Theory Iv
MUT2246 Ear Training And Sight Singing Iii
MUT2247 Ear Training And Sight Singing Iv
MUT2641 Jazz Theory And Improvisation I
MUT2642 Jazz Theory And Improvisation Ii
MVK1111 Piano Class
MVK1112 Piano Class Ii
MVS1116 Guitar Class
MVS2126 Guitar Class
MVV1111 Voice Class


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