Course List:
Course ID Class Title
AML2010 American Literature: Colonial To 1900
AML2020 American Literature 1900-Present
AML2600 African American Literature
AML2631 Us Hispanic/Latino Literature
ENG2101 The Film As Literature
ENL2012 British Literature To 1798
ENL2022 British Literature Since 1798
ENL2330 Introduction To Shakespeare
LIT1172 Jewish Literature Ii: Holocaust To Present
LIT1370 The Bible As Literature
LIT2000 Introduction To Literature
LIT2020 Introduction To The Short Story
LIT2030 Introduction To Poetry
LIT2110 World Literature From Ancient World Through Renais
LIT2120 World Literature From Enlightenment To Modern
LIT2190 Caribbean Literature
LIT2310 Literature Of The Supernatural & Sci Fiction
LIT2330 Introduction To Children's Literature
LIT2341 Mystery Fiction
LIT2510 Male Female Images In Literature
LIT2935 Seminar In Literature


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