Course List:
Course ID Class Title
BTE3068 Foundations Of Business Education
CHM3203 Organic & Biochemistry
CHM3203L Organic & Biochemistry Lab
EDF3280 Instructional Strategies
EDF4430 Educational Tests And Measurements
EDF4930 Special Topics In Teacher Education
EDG4410 Classroom Management
EDP4004 Principles Of Educational Psychology
EEX3011 Introduction To Exceptional Student Education
EEX3094 Nature & Needs Of The Autism Spectrum Disorder Std
EEX3280 Transition Planning For Students With Disabilities
EEX3601 Positive Behavioral Support
EEX4293 Assessment & Strategies In Exceptional Student Ed
EEX4472 Instructional Practices For Students With
EEX4486 Differentiated Instruction For Students With
EEX4843 Teaching Exceptional Learners Practicum
EEX4945 Student Teaching Internship In Ese
EME2041 Educational Technology Integration In Everyday
EME3410 Enhancing Mathematics And Science Education With
EME3990 Computer Science Education
ESC4074 Weather And Climate
MAE3143 Interactive Middle School Mathematics Projects
MAE3941 Teaching Middle And Secondary School Mathematics
MAE4310 Methods Of Teaching Math In Elementary School
MAE4320 Methods Of Teaching Mathematics In Middle School
MAE4330 Methods Of Teaching Math In Secondary School
MAE4944 Student Teaching In Mathematics
MAE4945 Student Teaching In Mathematics
MAS3301 Abstract Algebra With Introductory Number Theory
MCB3020 General Microbiology
MCB3020L General Microbiology Lab
MHF4404 History Of Mathematics
MTG3212 Modern Geometry
PCB3063 Genetics
RED3342 Found Of Research Prac. In Read Ed & App. Of Inst.
RED4519 Diagnostic&Instructional Interventions In Reading
RED4844 Reading Practicum
SCE3320 Integrative Teaching Methods In Middle Grades
SCE3420 Methods Of Teaching Physical Sciences In The
SCE3941 Teaching Middle And Secondary School Sciences
SCE4310 Science In The Elementary School
SCE4330 Methods And Strategies Of Teaching Biological
SCE4943 Student Teaching In Middle Grades Science
SCE4944 Student Teaching In Biological Sciences
SCE4945 Student Teaching In Science
TSL3080 Esol Issues And Strategies I
TSL4081 Esol Issues And Strategies Ii
ZOO4713 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology
ZOO4713L Comparative Vertebrate Morphology And Physiology


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