Criminal Justice
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
CJK0001 Introduction To Law Enforcement
CJK0013 Interactions In A Diverse Community
CJK0014 Interviewing And Report Writing
CJK0064 Fundamentals Of Patrol
CJK0065 Calls For Service
CJK0077 Criminal Investigations
CJK0078 Crime Scene To Courtroom
CJK0084 Dui Traffic Stops
CJK0087 Traffic Stops
CJK0088 Traffic Crash Investigation Terms And Legal
CJK0092 Critical Incidents
CJK0260 Intro To Correctional Probation
CJK0264 Legal Foundations For Correctional Probation Offic
CJK0265 Communications
CJK0266 Intake And Orientation
CJK0267 Caseload Management
CJK0268 Supervision Of Offenders
CJK0269 Field Supervision
CJK0293 Corr/Corr Prob To Le Overview Of Law Enforcement
CJK0296 Corr To Le Reporting Procedures
CJK0297 Corr To Le Interactions To Crisis Situations


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