Criminal Justice
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
CCJ1010 Introduction To Criminology
CCJ1020 Introduction To Criminal Justice
CCJ2191 Human Behavior In Criminal Justice
CCJ2933 Corrections Practicum
CJC2000 Introduction To Corrections
CJC2162 Probation And Parole Procedures
CJE1300 Intro To Criminal Justice Administration & Mgmt
CJE2170 Comparative World Police Agencies
CJE2400 Police Community Relations
CJE2580 Interviews And Interrogations
CJE2600 Criminal Investigation
CJE2640 Introduction To Criminalistics
CJE2642 Criminalistics Practicum
CJE2643 Advanced Forensic Investigation
CJE2722 Polygraph Theory And Operations
CJE2723 Test Qustn Constr & Semantics/Personnel Screening
CJE2724 Test Qustn Constr & Semantics/Criminal Cases
CJE2725 Chart Analysis Validity And Reliability
CJE2726 Polygraph Operations Practicum
CJE2770 Forensic Photography And Visual Documentation
CJJ2001 Juvenile Justice
CJK0012 Legal
CJK0013 Interactions In A Diverse Community
CJK0014 Interviewing And Report Writing
CJK0020 Vehicle Operations
CJK0031 First Aid For Criminal Justice Officers
CJK0040 Firearms
CJK0051 Cms Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics
CJK0064 Fundamentals Of Patrol
CJK0065 Calls For Service
CJK0077 Criminal Investigations
CJK0078 Crime Scene To Courtroom
CJK0084 Dui Traffic Stops
CJK0087 Traffic Stops
CJK0088 Traffic Crash Investigation Terms And Legal
CJK0092 Critical Incidents
CJK0096 Criminal Justice Officer Phys Fit Training-Le
CJK0110 Parking Enforcement Specialist
CJK0112 Traffic Accident / Crash Investigator
CJK0114 Police Service Aide
CJK0221 Correctional X-Over To Law Enforce Intro & Legal
CJK0222 Correctional X-Over To Law Enforcement Comm.
CJK0223 Correctional X-Over To Law Enforcement Human
CJK0271 Correctional Probation Legal
CJK0272 Correctional Probational Interpersonal Comm. Skill
CJK0273 Correctional Probation Caseload Management
CJK0274 Correctional Probation Supervision
CJK0275 Correctional Probation Investigations
CJK0276 Correctional Probation Management Info Systems
CJK0281 Criminal Justice Officer Phys Fit Training Cpo
CJK0293 Corr/Corr Prob To Le Overview Of Law Enforcement
CJK0295 Crossover Correctional To Law Enforcement
CJK0296 Corr To Le Reporting Procedures
CJK0297 Corr To Le Interactions To Crisis Situations
CJK0300 Introduction To Corrections
CJK0305 Communications
CJK0310 Officer Safety
CJK0315 Facility And Equipment
CJK0320 Intake And Release
CJK0325 Supervising In A Correctional Facility
CJK0330 Supervising Special Populations
CJK0335 Responding To Incidents And Emergencies
CJK0340 Officer Wellness And Physical Abilities
CJK0392 Crossover Handgun Transition Course
CJK0393 Cross Over Program Updates
CJK0422 Dart-Firing Stun-Gun
CJL1062 Constitutional Law
CJL1100 Criminal Law
CJL1130 Criminal Evidence And Court Procedures
CJL1140 Correctional Law
CJL2060 Civil Rights
DSC1002 Terrorism And Domestic Security
DSC1006 Introduction To Homeland Security
DSC2242 Transportation & Border Security
DSC2590 Intelligence Analysis & Security
FES2010 Introduction To Emergency Management


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