Course List:
Course ID Class Title
AMT1231C Avionics Installation And Troubleshooting I
AMT1261C Avionics Line Maintenance Fundamentals
AMT1751C Mathematics Basic Physics Basic Electricity
AMT1752C Aircraft Drawings Ground Operations Far Forms
AMT1753C Materials & Processes Fluid Lines & Fittings
AMT1754C Weight & Balance Cleaning & Corrosion Control
AMT1761C Sheetmetal & Non-Metallic Structures Aircraft
AMT1762C Wood Structures Welding Assembly & Rigging
AMT1771C Reciprocating Engines Engine Instrument
AMT1772C Reciprocating Engines Engine Instrument
AMT1772C Turbine Engines Engine Electric & Apus
AMT1774C Turbine Engines Engine Electric & Apus
AMT2231C Avionics Installation And Troubleshooting Ii
AMT2261C Avionics Line Maintenance Operations
AMT2262C Avionics Line Maintenance Operations
AMT2763C Airframe Inspection Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sys.
AMT2764C Aircraft Fuel Systems Aircraft Electrical
AMT2773C Engine Inspection Engine Fuel Systems Fuel
AMT2774C Induction Systems Lubricating Systems Engine
ASC3215 Advanced Aviation Weather
ASC3321 Advanced Aviation Law
ASC3478 Advanced Human Factors I
ASC4200 Advanced Flight Planning For T.C. Aircraft
ASC4476 Advanced Human Factors Ii
ASC4551 Advanced High Altitude Aerodynamics
ASC4671 Transport Category Aircraft Operations
AVM3030 Customer Relations In Aviation
AVM3302 Aviation Sales And Marketing
AVM3443 Aviation Contingency Planning & Emergency
AVM3443 Aviation Safety And Security
AVM3522 Airline Operations I
AVM3630 Employee Relations In Aviation
AVM4160 Aviation Planning
AVM4170 Aviation Project Management
AVM4180 Quality Assurance In Aviation
AVM4516 Domestic Aviation Operations
AVM4523 Airline Operations Ii
AVM4540 Aviation Finance
AVM4700 International Aviation Operations
AVS0090C Avionics Fundamentals
AVS0091C Avionic Installer (180 Hrs)
AVS0092C Avionics Communication Systems (180 Hours)
AVS0093C Navigation/Support Systems Items (180 Hrs)


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