Aviation Technology
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
ASC1010 History Of Aviation
ASC1100 Navigational Science I
ASC1210 Aviation Weather
ASC1550 Aerodynamics
ASC1610 Aircraft Engines Structures And Systems
ASC2110 Navigation Science Ii
ASC2320 Aviation Law And Regulations
ASC2472 Human Factors In Flight And Air Traffic Control
ASC2870 Aviation Safety
ATF1100 Private Flight Training
ATF2204 Commercial Flight Instruction
ATF2205 Complex Flight Instruction
ATF2305 Instrument Flight Instruction
ATF2400 Multi Engine Flight Training
ATF2500 Certified Flight Instructor Training
ATF2600 Instrument Flight Simulator Training
ATF2630 Multi Engine Simulator Training
ATT1100 Aeronautical Science
ATT2110 Commercial Flight Theory
ATT2120 Instrument Flight Theory
ATT2820 Introduction To Air Traffic Control
ATT2821C Atc Radar Procedures With Lab
ATT2822C Vfr Tower Operations With Lab
ATT2824C Atc Enroute Operations With Lab
ATT2890 Atc Capstone Project
AVM1440 Airport And Airline Security
AVM1940 Airport Operations Internship I
AVM2301 General Aviation Marketing And Management
AVM2410 Airport Management
AVM2450 Airport Planning And Design
AVM2510 Airline Management
AVM2941 Airport Operations Internship Ii
AVS1010 Introduction To Avionics
AVS2700C Avionics Component Repair And Calibration
AVS2760C Introduction To Advanced Avionics
AVS2770C Introduction To Avionics Engineering
AVS2930 Emerging Technologies In Avionics


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