CCN: OPT2460 Title: Ophthalmic Dispensing Clinic I Credit Hrs: 2.00
Description : 
Development of skills in the fitting and dispensing of ophthalmic lenses. Students will work under the close supervision of clinical staff in dispensing glasses to patients of the Vision Care Clinic. Emphasis will be placed on techniques used to dispense new technology in ophthalmic frame materials; multifocal lenses including progressive power and occupational bifocals; and high index lenses. The process of analyzing the patient's prescription and identifying the patient's specific visual needs for proper frame and lens selection is highlighted.
Prerequisite(s) : OPT2375 OPT2500 OPT2800L
Pre or Corequisite(s) : OPT2420 OPT2830L OPT2875
Lec Hrs =   0.00 Lab Hrs =   0.00 Oth Hrs =   80.00 Fees =   42.75


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