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Education Master Plan Goals, (Revised August, 2009)


Goal 1 - Student Success


Promote student success through high quality learning-centered programs and services while continuously evaluating and improving student learning outcomes that reflect the highest academic standards. We will assist our students in establishing their educational goals and in reaching their desired levels of academic achievement, career development, and leadership development, while offering financial assistance to support them.



1.1 Freshman "Pipeline" Experience
Roadblocks and barriers that historically may have prevented students from making the most out of their educational experiences at Broward College have been removed and/or transformed to ensure a positive freshman experience from the time they inquire through the end of their first year.


1.2 Improved College Readiness
Many students applying to Broward College are not prepared to succeed in traditional college level classes due to skill deficits in math, english, reading and/or language obstacles. We will successfully move Broward College students through required college prep course sequences and provide all learners with collaborative and creative opportunities to progress to a college ready status.


1.3 Learning-centered Environment
The teaching and learning environment motivates and encourages success by providing for involvement, interaction, and socialization through expanded learner-centered activities and faculty engagement.



Goal 2 - Human Capital Investment

Enhance the College’s strategic human capital capability and competitive advantage by recruiting, developing and retaining diverse and talented faculty, staff, and administrative and professional leaders. Respond directly to the demographic changes in Broward County and perpetuate the College’s reputation as a premier learning institution that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion.



2.1 Recruitment, Development and Compensation

Broward College will be recognized as a leader for our diverse, talented faculty & staff through improved recruitment, the development of professional competencies and the offering of total reward solutions.


2.2 County Demographic Trends
Respond to the demographic trends in Broward County through demonstrated progress toward the attainment of equity and affirmative action goals established at the division and discipline levels in order to maintain competitive advantage and create a workplace of inclusion.


2.3 Foster Collegewide Organizational Learning

Foster Collegewide organizational learning in support of the College's core values and the creation of a welcoming, affirming, and empowering culture of respect and inclusion.



Goal 3 - Access, Enrollment and Workforce Demand

Monitor and provide maximum access to learners to support increased workforce and enrollment demands and align workforce education programs with skill requirements of the new economy. Develop and implement the most emergent technologies and teaching/learning methods and strategies that are flexible and responsive to local, national, and international needs.



3.1 Broward County Public School Partnerships
Middle school and secondary school students will be inspired to pursue post-secondary education at Broward College through creative recruitment, program exposure and collaborative partnerships with the Broward County Public School (BCPS) system.


3.2 Flexible Learning Options
Design, develop and provide alternative, on-line and accelerated course formats and programs that will meet the current and future demand by providing learners with increased choice, convenience and socially-constructed learning environments.


3.3 American Graduation Initiative
Innovate and implement programs that meet the needs of the 21st century workforce by providing valuable skills and program completions in high-growth job fields to ensure that curricula are continuously reviewed, improved and aligned with workforce needs.



Goal 4 - Resource Development and Cost Efficiencies

Increase and/or improve innovative entrepreneurial actions across the College by creating new revenue sources. Advance community relationships and partnerships and ensure effective, efficient use of College resources while implementing fiscally sound practices, in a healthy and safe environment while also supporting environmentally sustainable initiatives.



4.1 Facilities Master Plan
Conduct a systematic study of facilities and design for "green" smart building technologies that improve efficiency and real-time control over building operations and costs.

4.2 Legislative Funding & Influence
Support the college's legislative agenda to maintain and increase community college funding through increased awareness and the development of community advocates.


4.3 Revenue Generation
Engage in activities that produce a quantifiable return in Gifts, Grants, Contracts and auxilliary funds.


4.4 Emergency Management
Provide for a healthy and safe environment for our employees, students and visitors.



Goal 5 - Quality Improvement and Accountability

Expand our efforts to engage in on-going, institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes that incorporate a systematic review of academic programs, educational and administrative support services that result in continuous improvement and institutional quality.



5.1 Educational Programs
Student learning outcomes have been identified in all educational programs and we provide evidence of improvement based on the assessment and analysis of the results.


5.2 Administrative Support Services
Administrative support units have identified expected outcomes, and provide evidence of improvement based on the assessment and analysis of the results.


5.3 Educational Support Services
Educational support units have identified expected outcomes and provide evidence of improvement based on the assessment and analysis of the results.



Goal 6 - Community Awareness and Image

Communicate the partnership role that the college and community share and embrace, by coordinating consistent messages that reflect the importance of those relationships, as demonstrated through the vision, mission, goals, and core values of the institution.



6.1 Faculty and Staff Accomplishments
Faculty and staff receive ongoing recognition for their accomplishments, through featured announcements and publications such as press releases, awards and conference presentations, to showcase academic excellence in the community.


6.2 Student Achievement
Student achievement and program success, such as awards, scholarships, and athletic accomplishment, is publicized to the community to promote a positive image and brand BC as a premier learning institution.


6.3 Partnerships and Advocacy
Advance community and international relationships and partnerships, both public and private, for the benefit of our students and the community we serve, and for the purpose of advocacy.

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