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New ways to search for your content

Searching for pages is the best way to find what you want. It’s so easy, it’s almost like cheating... but we suggest you get familiar with the new powerful tools you have to work with. The best news is that this search feature is available on every page that has this new redesign.Our New Search Feature

Simple SearchSimple Search - this is the traditional search you are used to. Simply type a keyword or phrase, and let our search engine find the page for you.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search - a few extra options like exceptions and exact phrases. You can also search for content in specific languages, occurrences and more.

Find People and PlacesFind people and places - Find a teacher, academic administrator, or other college personnel by adding one or more fields. Only know their last name? No problem, type it in and click search.

Ask UsAsk Us - Broward College has a large database of questions with detailed answers. This section only works if you type in a full question, like:

Do you offer online courses?